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Camas Elementary School


Highly Capable Student Nomination

We are opening the window for nominations of students for the Gifted and Talented Program, Challenge.  Many of our nominations come from staff members, but are also accepted from parents and other stakeholders in the community.  

Washington state defines a Highly Capable student as:

Definition: From Washington Hi Cap (WAC 392-170-035)

“Highly capable students are students who perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with others of their age, experiences, or environments.


Highly capable students typically have thought patterns that differ from their peers.  Do you have a student that always gets sarcasm or makes detailed inferences?  Please click the list for a more detailed list of traits.

Traits of Highly Capable Students

Please remember a student may perform well in class, and not be considered highly capable.  Likewise an underperforming may qualify as highly capable.  


Process for 2021:

  1. Please complete the nomination form for students you feel would qualify as highly capable(HCap).
    1. Challenge Nomination Form (you will need to make a copy)
  2. Nominations will be accepted for the month of May.
    1. Please forward nominations to Julie Wilson
  3. Please include the best data available.
    1. Your editorial comments are helpful
  4. Students that pass the initial screening will receive provisional admission to the Challenge Program.*


For questions please reach out to me through email, [email protected], or phone ext 2011 or Julie Wilson at [email protected] or phone ext. 2075.


Warm Regards,



Ben Newell

Adams Principal