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Camas Elementary School


Elese Washines Receives School Administrators Recognition

Congratulations to Elese Washines who was recently recognized by Superintendent Kelly Garza with a Washington School Administrators Association (WASA) Community Leadership Award.  In presenting her the award Superintendent Garza had this to say; Elese Washines has been the essential element for beginning and maintaining Tribal Consultation with the Yakama Nation for Wapato Public Schools.  She consistently attends our school board meetings and shares pertinent information from the Yakama Nation.  Elese consistently attends our JOM (Johnson O'Malley) Indian Education parent meetings providing a link between the Yakama Nation Agencies to both the parents and the school.  Elese makes herself available for various meetings throughout the district providing relevant information and wise guidance regarding district plans for our students - for all our students.  Furthermore, Elese has been instrumental before, during, and after our formal Tribal Consultation meetings; planning with us to provide Tribal Council with what they want to learn more about and teaching us to better understand Yakama Nation operations as we continue to grow our Tribal relationships.